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  • Recommendations for lip augmentation

    In the past, facial beauty was limited to what a person was given at birth, determined by genetic characteristics. Appearance was genetically acquired from parents with no option to change it. However, recent advancements in science and technology have made it possible to change parts of appearance which are not considered pretty. For example, someone with a bumped Roman nose can use surgery to improve his or her appearance.

    Full lips are among the features regarded as something giving beauty to the face. Having full lips has become popular. While some people naturally have full lips, many others yearn to have such lips. Here we provide a brief description of common techniques used in lip augmentation. It should be noted that we tried to present unbiased descriptions without promoting any particular brand for gels or implants.

    Common methods


Using implants under any area of the body is a common method of augmenting that area. Implants are used in breasts, cheeks, etc., but can lip implants lead to results that are as satisfactory as those obtained by other types of implants? To answer this question, it is good to have a look at characteristics of the lips. Lips are a muscular part of body with the ability to expand and contract. Lips are twice as large when someone smiles compared to when someone pouts. Lips change form when a person speaks. This is not the case for other parts of the body where implants are typically used. On the other hand, no implant has yet been produced with the ability to expand and contract as lips do. That is why people do not go for implants that much. Although implants can be easily applied using local anesthesia, and despite the fact that is relatively inexpensive, but people who use implants complain about abnormal forms of lips when they talk or smile. This is why they ask for removal of the implants after a while.

Although lip implants have been around for a long time, they are not much popular about people who seek lip augmentation.

Gel (filler) injection

This is one the most popular techniques for lip augmentation. Different types of gels are used for this purpose, including hyaluronic acid as the most common type. Hyaluronic acid is available at different concentrations with variety of brands. Once in the body, it is quickly decomposed. But new technologies have made it possible to produce types which do not become quickly decomposed. Lips can be optimally augmented if the gel is injected properly and uniformly. In this way, lips will look quite natural when smiling or talking. Asymmetric lips and visible unevenness are among side effects of gel injection. Some types of gels get displaced causing abscess. However, this is not common for hyaluronic acid. In general, the best option for injection, with the least complications, is hyaluronic acid at small concentrations, whose effect will remain for 3 to 6 months. The technique is, however, costly due to requirement for frequent injections at short intervals. Therefore, most people prefer thicker gels because of lower costs.

You should note that at the time of writing this paper, permanent gels or those with effects lasting more than one year are not recommended for injection. While they are cost-effective, these gels may have side effects, resulting in huge moneys spent on removing these side effects.

It should also be noted that gels should not be injected in large amounts. The larger is the amount of the gel injected, the more visible will be the unevenness in lips. If you have really thin lips, you should use smaller amount of gel than the usual amount injected for people with normal lips.

Fat transfer

In this technique, fat is removed from one part of your body and injected into your lips. Infections are really unlikely since the fat comes from your own body’s tissues. However, the swelling will remain for a long time after injection, and lips cannot be formed as well as they can be shaped in gel injection. Permanence of injection effects will depend on the injection method and your doctor’s skills.

Surgical augmentation

There are numerous methods for lip augmentation. Surgical augmentation has completely permanent effect and is regarded as the best technique for people with really thin lips. Injecting large amounts of gel into thin lips has many complications and is not satisfactory, while thin lips can be perfectly augmented and shaped through surgery. Each surgical technique has its own advantages and limitations. You should first obtain information about potential side effects of each technique if you are considering surgery.

If you want just small changes in your lips, surgery is not recommended for you.

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