Side effects of filler injection and the treatment

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Fillers are really important in cosmetic surgery. These materials are used for filling different parts of face and body. Because these materials are considered external objects to the body, they may cause unwanted reactions in your body. We briefly talk about these problems and their treatments.

Infection of gel and abscess

Based on a general rule, the existence of any external objects in the body can cause infection, so all types of gels can cause infection theoretically, but in practice, we see that the risk of infection is not similar among all gels and in some of them the risk is very high and in some of them is low. The probability of infection by permanent gels such as PAZH gel and non-standard gels, is very high (below pictures).


In the case of abscess, most of the time, just taking antibiotics is not helpful and abscess needs draining. Many doctors do this through the shear on the skin. Unfortunately, in such cases the area will be deformed forever. Fortunately, these abscesses can be drained through the mouth. As you can see in the pictures above, there is no trace of skin incisions on the face and everything returns to normal situation.

Displacement of gel

Sometimes the injected gel does not stay at the place of injection and moves around after some time. In some cases the gel is like a cyst and when you press it, you can feel its movement underneath the skin. (Below picture)


Uneven skin (tiny bumps under the skin) at the injection area

The situation is particularly seen in some areas such as lips and under eyes which have delicate skin or mucosa. One of the most important causes is choosing inappropriate gel. Although all gels on the market may have such side effects, but high density gels are not suitable for these areas and they should be avoided.

Low density gels are suitable for lips and under eyes. But due to their rapid absorption, their impacts are for shorter periods of times and this makes some doctors suggest high density gels to their patients for having more stable effects. Or some patients make this choice.

In this case, doctor’s experience is very important for the prevention of problems. In the case of uneven skin or tiny bumps under the skin, we can conclude that these problems are because of several injections, or due to an inexperienced doctor. However, treatment is possible and next gel injections should be done cautiously and as low as possible.

Removal of gel is an effective method for this problem. When there are a lot of bumps, gel removal may take more than one session. Also, we can use methods like injection of Hyaluronidase (in Hyaluronic acid gels), heating and topical massage of injection area.


Bruising and swelling after the injection

After each injection, there is the possibility of swelling and bruising. When a large volume of injection is done, especially with high density gels, bruising and swelling happen more. In that case, the doctor can prevent these problems to a large extent by using certain methods. For example, one of the methods of prevention is injection by a cannula instead of a needle.

Most of gel injections are done by a needle and injection of high density gels must be done by thicker needles, that is why the needle tear vessels more, and more bruising happens. A cannula is like a needle (figure below) but its tip is not sharp and drug can exit through its lateral holes. Therefore when a cannula enters the tissue, vessels will not be damaged and bruising after the injection will be less.

Asymmetry in lips or other parts of face

Some asymmetries can be fixed by gel injection, but sometimes gel injection itself could be the cause of asymmetry in face or lips.

Fortunately, in many cases these problems are easy to fix. If the side with more gel injection is more beautiful, we can fix the asymmetry by gel injection in the other side which has less gel. In cases where gel in one side is too much and the other side with less gel is more beautiful, removal of gel from larger side is recommended.


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